Saving procrastination is to say goodbye to perfectionism

In working life, each of us will have more or less bad habits. What is the bad habit that everyone hates most? There are many answers, but the most proportion is “procrastination”.

For example, the report to be submitted after 5 days, the time is very plentiful, but at 12 o’clock on the fourth day, you only opened ahead, until 6 o’clock in the morning of the fifth day, you stayed up late, only to complete it.

Another example is that when I was a child, I had to finish my homework for 2 months, but many of my friends dragged them to the last one or two days before they began to madly write homework. These are actually caused by delays.

Why do we have procrastination?

1 attention is too distracting

I often say that when I have to do something, my attention has shifted to other things, and I haven’t done it for a long time. Why does homework always have to work in the last one or two days? Because everyone is on holiday, they completely relax the tense spirit of going to school, and can’t do things when they go to school. They can arrange one by one during the holidays, watch TV, play games, play with friends, travel, etc., and their attention is scattered. I don’t want to face the hard work of homework.

2 hate being assigned tasks

Why is the report delayed until the last night to finish? Because this is a task assigned at work, the heart is actually not willing to complete, so it may have been escaping until it has to face it.

3 can’t perfect things, lack confidence in completing tasks

You don’t have the confidence that you have to accomplish the task. I feel that there is no clue and I don’t know how to finish it. Therefore, I would rather delay and do not want to work hard. I have been delaying until the end. The perfectionist is probably a critically ill patient with procrastination, but if everything is perfect, many things are impossible at first.

4 goals too far

The target is too big for space, and there is no practical meaning, so there is no motivation to execute immediately, and it has been delayed, which is one of the reasons for the delay.

In fact, the delay is not just a matter of time management. It is a question of how we get along with ourselves, and it is also a psychological problem. So how do we improve the problem of procrastination?

How to improve procrastination?

1 Set yourself a goal that can be completed and pragmatic, not too idealistic. For example, suppose you want to read 10 books in a period of time, one book per week, and one hour every night. This is something that can be achieved in your own ability. Then, when you arrive at the time, you will remember the goal you set, because the original goal has been broken down into small goals in several stages, so it is easier to implement.

2 Treat the time realistically, just start doing it, don’t think about the whole thing that may not be completed. I have to spend a lot of time to finish thinking about this matter. Don’t always think that I will have enough time to finish tomorrow. I will now plan what the second step of the first step is, when to start, how much time, and how much time. Is there a flexible time? We can only complete every part of the matter through the next 30 minutes, don’t think that only half an hour, I can’t do anything, then don’t do it.

3 Be mentally prepared for difficulties and setbacks. In the process of completing the task, I encountered one or two difficulties, don’t give up, it is just a problem that you need to solve, not a reflection of your ability value; whenever you don’t find an excuse for yourself since you can’t finish it. Then, give up directly, but tell yourself, take a break, think about the problem from another angle, or ask other friends and colleagues.

4 Encourage every progress you make, without perfection, focus on your own process, don’t care too much about the results. Don’t think about doing things all must be done, otherwise, I will be very uncomfortable, but I have been working hard to do this, this feeling is good, now relax, listen to some light music, and then you can do better.

Of course, we also have to accept what we are, to connect with the depths of our hearts, and to live healthy lives according to our own values.


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